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How to tell your kids about your impending divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging experience. It is uniquely challenging when kids are involved. If you are a parent and divorce is imminent, it’s important to approach this sensitive conversation with care and understanding when letting your kids know what is going on.

Following the steps below can help your children to more successfully navigate this challenging moment in time.

Understand the impact of divorce on children

It is essential to recognize that children respond differently to their parents divorcing based on age, maturity and personality. Some children may experience confusion and fear hearing about their parents’ divorce. They might worry about the future, their living habits and potential changes in their relationships with both parents.

Other kids may exhibit anger and resentment towards their parents or the situation itself. They might even blame themselves or feel caught in the middle of their parents’ conflicts. Sadness and grief are other natural emotional responses to divorce. Children may mourn the loss of their intact family and struggle with feelings of sadness, loneliness or abandonment.

You should know that divorce can manifest in various behavioral changes in children. They may experience difficulties in school, changes in appetite or sleeping patterns, withdrawal from activities they used to enjoy or exhibit rebellious behavior. Understanding these potential reactions will help you approach the conversation with empathy and address your children’s concerns effectively.

Choose the right time for the conversation

Before initiating the conversation, planning and preparing for the discussion carefully is crucial. Select an appropriate time and place for the conversation. Find a quiet, comfortable setting where your children can feel safe and secure. Avoid discussing the divorce during times of stress or immediately before important events, such as exams or special occasions.

Presenting a united front with your spouse when discussing the impending divorce is also essential, if doing so is possible. This will reassure your children that both parents are involved and committed to their well-being. Plan and discuss the main talking points with your spouse beforehand to help ensure a consistent message.

Telling your kids about an impending divorce is undoubtedly challenging, but with proper preparation and communication, you can navigate this sensitive conversation effectively.