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Why many divorcing spouses in Florida opt to attend mediation

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2024 | Divorce |

Thousands of married couples in Florida divorce every year. Some of them have a very simple process because they already established a marital agreement, such as a prenuptial agreement, setting the terms for a divorce. Others may find that they have major disagreements about what should happen with marital property, financial support or custody matters during a Florida divorce.

Some of those couples turn to litigation. They pursue contested divorces because they cannot agree on the appropriate way of resolving divorce matters. However, couples do not automatically need to litigate simply because they do not already have a plan in place for divorce.

Many couples manage to achieve uncontested divorces by attending mediation. Why do so many couples attempt mediation when divorcing?

Mediation offers a host of benefits

Uncontested divorces are often the best option for divorcing couples. An uncontested divorce is faster and requires less time in family court. Therefore, the overall cost of the divorce process is typically lower. Uncontested divorces also leave nothing to the discretion of a judge. In a litigated divorce, spouses give up control when they ask a judge to divide their property or handle parenting matters. Couples that successfully complete mediation retain control over the outcome and get to set their own terms.

They may also be in a better position to discuss marital issues. No-fault Florida divorces often mean that judges do not give much consideration to marital misconduct. However, spouses may feel strongly that infidelity or financial misrepresentation should influence the outcome of their divorce proceedings. They can discuss marital issues in a confidential mediation session and may be able to settle on more appropriate property division and other concerns because they can openly talk about marital issues.

For those with children, mediation can be particularly beneficial because it diminishes conflict. Children often find the disputes between their parents to be disruptive and harmful. Parents who settle divorce disagreements in mediation are less likely to fight with one another and may even improve how they communicate with each other.

Divorce mediation requires careful preparation, but it can be a very useful tool for those preparing for divorce in Florida. Learning more about the benefits of mediation can help people determine if this approach is right for their circumstances.