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Protecting Your Children During And After Your Divorce

The outcome of a divorce shapes many factors surrounding a child’s life, and it is our role as parents to pursue the outcome they deserve. Some of the most contentious areas of divorce include child custody and support. Whether you want to work together with your spouse to resolve and finalize your divorce or you need to fight for your children’s needs in court, a skilled lawyer can help you pursue the outcome your family deserves.

At Grossman Family Law Firm LLC, attorney Tamara Grossman has been representing clients throughout Florida for years, and she is ready to offer her services to you. She knows how delicate these cases are and strives to resolve them as promptly as possible.

Getting The Support You Need

Attorney Grossman has a deep understanding of Florida’s child custody and visitation laws. She takes the time to review the details of your family law case to present the factors judges consider, including:

  • The relationship the children have with their parents
  • The special needs of the children
  • Any dangers a parent may present to their children
  • What kind of living space each parent offers
  • The children’s preferences
  • The medical conditions of everyone involved

In addition to gathering the information you need to bolster your case, Tamara can also assist with negotiating a comprehensive settlement agreement in these cases.

When negotiation or mediation cannot provide the outcome your family needs, she is prepared to advocate for you before a judge.

Exploring All Options To Help Your Family

When you and your family are going through a divorce, you do not have to go through it alone. If you are already in the middle of a divorce or think you will be soon, now is the best possible time to reach out to an attorney.

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