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Protect What’s Yours With Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Attorney Tamara Grossman of Grossman Family Law Firm LLC understands her clients’ trepidation when it comes to creating a prenup or postnup. She’s heard it all–isn’t it unromantic? Doesn’t it signal that you don’t believe your marriage will last? Won’t it make you look greedy? You can choose to believe these things, or you can face the facts: prenups and postnups are invaluable safeguards for your financial well-being and are necessary when about a third of marriages end in divorce.  

Attorney Grossman helps people in Florida craft meticulous, personalized prenups and postnups that ensure they’ll be protected if they get divorced.

Why Every Couple Needs A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement

From the moment two people get married, the property they buy, the debts they incur, and the assets they gain merge into one marital estate. If they get divorced, the contents of their marital estate need to be split between them. 

The property division process can be complicated, and without a prenup or postnup, it unfolds according to the state’s guidelines and a judge’s discretion. You might not get the outcome you expected and may even be saddled with debt you had no hand in creating. 

But if you have a prenup or postnup, you have a customized playbook for property division. The process can be completed faster, and everyone will be happier with the outcome because they already agreed on what it would be.

The Difference Between A Prenup And A Postnup

The function of a prenup and a postnup is the same. They are both written agreements between couples that lay out the terms of their divorce should they split up someday. The difference is – as the names imply – that a prenuptial agreement is created before a couple gets married, and a postnuptial agreement is made shortly after they get married.

Legal Guidance Is Valuable When Creating A Prenup Or Postnup

If you’re soon to be married or are newlywed, consider creating a pre or postnup. Attorney Grossman takes a thorough, bespoke approach to these agreements, working closely with her clients to understand their wishes and ensure they are honored. She aims to give them peace of mind as they transition into married life and a feeling of security that they’ll be taken care of if things don’t go to plan. 

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