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Broward County Attorney Certified In Florida Family Law Mediation

Not every family law matter needs to be battled out in court. If both parties are willing and able to cooperate, mediation can be a more peaceful method of dispute resolution that offers significant benefits. Attorney Tamara Grossman of Grossman Family Law Firm LLC helps people in Florida navigate the mediation process, guiding them toward legal solutions that protect the peace within their families.

How Does The Mediation Process Work?

In mediation, everyone is on the same team. They work with a single mediator rather than each being represented by their own attorney. The mediator can intervene to help you communicate more effectively, but they are not there to take control of the process or offer legal advice. It is up to the parties involved to make the decisions.

First, the mediator will start by explaining how the process works, its ground rules, and the role they will fulfill. Next, each party will give their opening remarks and share their concerns. Then, they’ll begin working toward creating a solution that addresses both of their concerns. If they reach an agreement, it will be written down, and everyone will sign it. If they aren’t successful, they may need more time in mediation or find another way to resolve their dispute.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation offers several significant benefits, beginning with privacy. Since mediation takes place outside of court, the details of your divorce or family law matter won’t be publicly available. Also, because you don’t have to work within the court’s schedule, you’ll be able to reach a resolution much more quickly. Less time involved also means less money spent on legal help; plus, couples can agree to split the cost of the mediator’s fee. You’ll also save on court costs. Finally, mediation gives you much more control over the outcome of your dispute. You and the other party have the final say as to what happens.

Guiding You Toward Peaceful Legal Solutions

Attorney Grossman is a certified family law mediator. She strives to help her clients achieve a mediated or another amicable resolution whenever possible. She has helped numerous clients resolve family law disputes through mediation. Her hands-on approach helps people find common ground when communication breaks down during the process. Skilled and compassionate, her clients feel confident in their ability to reach an agreement with her as their guide. 

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